About HISA

Welcome to the Indian Students Association at Heidelberg! HISA is a non-profit organization established in 2003 by the Indian students in Heidelberg, Germany and runs solely on volunteer donations. HISA is now officially recognized by the University of Heidelberg as an international student organization. Presently, the organization has 531 members, major proportion consists of students from educational institutions, namely German Cancer Research Centre (DFKZ), University of Heidelberg, European Molecular Biology laboratory (EMBL), Max Planck Institutes (MPI), SRH, etc. Though the name of our association gives a first impression of a student organization, significant number of our member includes professionals from companies like SAP and BASF, IBM, etc. Also membership is not restricted to Indians but also open to all nationalities.
HISA is driven by enthusiastic committee members who work voluntarily to achieve the objectives of the organization. The posts in the HISA committee include President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Cultural secretary, and the tenure of each committee is one year. Every year, prospective candidates for above posts are nominated by the members and the committee members are eventually elected by all HISA members via formal election procedures, dictated by our constitution.